Casefile: Arkham - reviews and more!

This time out, I'll concentrate again on Casefile: Arkham, my horror/noir graphic novel (with weird and wonderful words by Josh Finney).  There have been a few reviews worth note:

Unleash the Fanboy! 9/10

ComicWow! 8/10

And if you want to listen to a Podcast that discusses our book at length, try Kray-Z comics and stories:

(One quote from that podcast, from co-host Cory Strode: "I am in love with this book"... kinda beautiful...!)

And one other piece of great news - the physical book is printed, and on a boat back to the US right now! With some luck, it will be available in early January 2016. Yes! 


Talk to you soon,


Commerce and me

Hey, you. Yeah, you! Nice to see you, come on in. Have a seat! 

I have done a couple of cool things lately, in order to make my art a bit more accessible to the public. (And you, of course...!) 

First, if you click the "store" link at the top of the page, you'll now get a brand new squarespace store - it should be easy to find just what you want, with nice big previews and easy ordering options. Let me know what you think! 

Currently available we've got graphic novels, my art commissions, posters, prints, postcards and also some original art. More to be added soon! 

Also, I've finally made a "Patrick McEvoy Art" Facebook page. I'll be putting all my newest news and info up there, along with thoughts and links pertaining to art. No personal stuff, political rants, cute videos of hopping goats... just art. Stop by and take a look, and give it a "like" if you want to follow what's going on  there. 

Talk to you soon! 




Casefile: Arkham - complete and available now!

Welcome to my new blog! Can you feel the excitement? Yes. Yes you can. 

My first entry is about an exciting new release: I've been working on a graphic novel for some time now, and it's all done! It's a horror/detective noir story called Casefile: Arkham, and I thought I'd let you know where to get it. 

OK, to start with, if you want to see some sample pages from C:A, check them out here on my site!

If you want to read the e-book on your computer, you can buy it here:

And if you have a Kindle e-reader:
(Do NOT buy this version if you want to read it on your computer. The Kindle Cloud Reader for your desktop is fine for print but loathsomely terrible for pictures). 

Same low price both places! 

To Pre-Order the physical book, here's the Amazon link. It's already gone to the printer so it's definitely in the works. Reserve your copy now!  

And finally, of course, if you were a Kickstarter backer of $10 or more for this project, you should have already received a link in your email to get your PDF copy. Thank you!

That's it for my first entry. I hope you enjoyed the experience. Would you like fries with that? Please drive through.

This is how you'll feel if you can't get your own copy!